Invisible UTP, STP, Fiber Optic cables through space. VSAT is used to overcome the constraints of long distance for either Internet Connection or Private Network Connectivity for widely scattered sites.


VSATs are a single, flexible communications platform that can be installed quickly and cost effectively to provide communications solutions for private organizations, governments and corporations.

VSAT networks offer value-added satellite-based services capable of supporting the Internet, data, video, LAN, voice/fax communications and can provide powerful, dependable private and public network communications solutions.

Our flexible and cost-effective solutions adapt to the specific needs of each of our customers. Our solutions cater for dedicated and shared capacity over DVB, DVBS2, and SCPC technology, using platforms like Shiron, SkyEdge, Linkstar and iDirect. We provide services in C and Ku band. Our dynamic-allocation system addresses unique customers' requirements and enables them to match broadband bandwidth connectivity to the requirements of their utilization profile in each of their sites. All these result in cost-efficient services with excellent customer experience.


VSAT can be deployed in the following areas:
  1. Homes.
  2. Schools.
  3. Small and medium scale businesses.
  4. Corporate organizations.
  5. Government and Agencies.
  6. Industries.
  7. Cyber-cafes.
Solution Offering:
  1. C-Band.
  2. KU-Band.
  3. VSAT on Wheels.
  4. Inclined Orbit.
  5. Outdoor broadcast

The following bundled services could be deployed to ride on VSAT infrastructure:

  1. Access to the Internet for varied purposes and applications.
  2. Private Network Connectivity of widely scattered branches of corporate organizations or government offices.
  3. e-Governance platforms.
  4. Health services (Tele-medicine).
  5. Security surveillance (Police, Port, Military etc. operations).
  6. e-Learning (Educational benefits).
  7. Videoconferencing.
  8. VOIP (voice calls over the Internet Protocol), e.t.c
Benefits & Added Services:

The benefits of a VSAT network solution can be summarized in the following 13 bullets:

  1. Unlimited reach.
  2. Unmatched reliability.
  3. Superior availability.
  4. Advanced QoS policy.
  5. Easy and rapid deployment.
  6. Network scalability.
  7. Broadcast / IP Multicast.
  8. Central management & Maintenance
  9. Fairness Among users
  10. Terrestrial free infrastructure.
  11. Multiple topologies.
  12. Mix of technologies (VSATs, fibre and microwave Radios complements one another).
  13. Cost effective.



Avoid problems that are associated with terrestrial links and bandwidth constraints associated with VShardware, large capital requirements and recurrent monthly expenses on large bandwidths. Choose our fibre optic solution and you will experience real relief.


Over the last few years, fiber optic technology has advanced at a tremendous rate in a rather quiet and reserved manner driven by the need for higher bandwidths on long distance backbone links. CCTV network, long distance switches, central offices, subscriber’s loop careers and industrial networks use fiber optics for communication purposes. It has now transformed the very infrastructure of PTOs through the ability to transmit data at higher transmission rates and with lower losses and the ability to do this at lower error rates. Compared to the cost of bandwidth from other terrestrial solutions, bandwidth cost from Optic Fiber network is very low making it very affordable.

It is in view of the central position that Fiber Optic Solution is assuming by the day that we are proposing it to your organization for Broadband Internet Connectivity as well as for Local Area Network and Wide Area Network deployments. Some of the areas and places use include:

  1. Tier-1 Internet providers
  2. Cellular Operators
  3. Telecommunication companies
  4. Enterprises
  5. Small and medium size organizations
  6. Internet Cafes
  7. Government Establishment
  8. Banks
  9. Industries
  10. Broadcasting and Media Houses
  11. Defence
  12. Home, Offices etc
  1. Fiber Optic provides solutions (more bandwidth and data carrying capacity) for the enterprise networking like NAS (network attached storage) and SAN (storage area network).
  2. It provides more high speed connectivity and speed among the SAN in a LAN or WAN.
  3. Broadband Internet connectivity
  4. Connectivity for CCTV network, long distance switches, central offices, subscriber’s loop careers and industrial networks.
  5. Upload and download traffic
  6. Local Area Network
  7. Provision of large and high quality bandwidth
  8. Back up link for large bandwidth capacity link
  1. Better transmission of Analogue and digital data from point-to-point them using copper cable in a variety of forms for decades
  2. Flat signal attenuation up to rates of several Gbit/s.
  3. No signal interference
  4. Does not suffer from electrical storms induced large currents .
  5. Scalable Platform
  1. No large capital expenditure in infrastructure is not too large
  2. Reliable and dependable connectivity
  3. Less affected by noise
  4. Do not conduct electricity and therefore provide electrical isolation
  5. Carry extremely high data transmission rate
  6. Data is transmitted over very long distances
  7. Low cost of bandwidth and affordable.



Do you want to connect or link your offices, schools, factories etc together, to a common network and with an Internet source? Our broadband wireless solution is the answer to this. We can provide you access to any location at cheap cost, with robust, high capacity, fast and efficient solution.


Link or connect your business locations that are quite far real time into a common network using our robust and reliable Wireless Solution. It will enable you to share resources and develop an effective communication network without the constraints of distance or barriers.

Wireless solution can be deployed in the following places:


  1. Schools especially Universities and polytechnic
  2. Banks.
  3. Offshore Oil installations
  4. Corporate organizations.
  5. Hotel
  6. Home.
  7. Airports.
  8. Seaports.
  9. Car parks.
  10. Supermarkets
  11. Estates
  12. Military establishments
  13. Internet Service providers. E.t.c.
Types of Wireless Links:
  1. Point to Point (PTP)Link
  2. Point to Multipoint (PTMP) Link
  3. Multipoint to Point (MTP) Link
  1. Increased capacity: - More users per node and increased throughput for each user.
  2. Extended range: - Up to three times the coverage in comparison to competing solutions.
  3. Uniform coverage: - Fewer dead spots and better NLOS coverage outdoors and indoors.
  4. Superior indoor penetration: - Outstanding connectivity to indoor users from outdoor located base stations.
  5. Increased interference resilience: - Due to the beam forming directivity and the continuous dynamic interference handling (DIH) air-link optimization.
  6. Reduced latency and jitter: - Minimal number of hops between access point and backhaul.
  7. Voice Communication: - This Solution provides means of setting up voice communication between offices or branches.
  8. Video Communication: - Leverage the high quality broadband wireless network to provide connectivity to multiple video cameras.
  9. Data Services: This solution is a means to providing services for data transmission between networks
  10. Access to Internet – It s link to the Internet
  1. Highly scalable and efficient
  2. It simple and easy to install and manage
  3. Flexible and expandable IP base system structure
  4. Simple and easy network distribution
  5. Environmental friendly
  6. Self backhauling
  7. Interoperable with any standard WiFi CPE in the market in the 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz bands
  8. Coverage of a large area in a sweep
  9. Ease of netwoek growth

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