Smart Classroom is a technology enhanced classroom that boosts the quality of teaching and learning by leveraging learning technology, such as computers, specialized software, audience response technology, videoconferencing platform, digital podium, networking, interactive smartboard, LED monitors, computers, vizualizers, multimedia projector, LCD TV, DVD player/recorder, USB duplicator, SATA storage device etc.


There are many benefits for using ICT to boost lecture deliveries and assimilation. They include:

  1. It allows the teacher to produce and modify resources quickly and easily.
  2. Realtime access to Internet based information and resources
  3. It allows access to a wide range of information in different formats.
  4. Multimedia bombardment of the senses of the students for high assimilation.
  5. Teachers can use different drafts to assess how work is progressing and what input is needed.
  6. Access to remotely located experts.
  7. Revision made easy via recorded lectures for date and time specific playbacks in laptops, PCs and DVD player.
  8. Using a large screen or overhead projector, the teacher can fully engage students' attention on displayed item(s).
  9. By having a recorded class session for future playback, complacency on the part of teachers is eradicated. Hence, there will be improvement in the way teachers teach and which impacts teacher’s status in the classroom.
  10. For a good teacher his/her brilliance lives digitally forever and for a bad teacher his/her poor performance in class lives after him/her forever
  11. THe createive competition to teach well and deliver quality knowledge cumulatively boosts national productivity, economic growth and development.
  • Automate teaching and learning processes
  • Lectures are recorded for date-and-time-specific playback
  • Remote access to lecture live
  • Giving jos to carpentar, electricians, masons, plumbers, painters, computer operators, IT Technicians etc.
  • Creating plug-and-play graduates in the work space for world impact and global competitiveness
  • Your inspirational teacher / lecturer / professor lives on forever

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Teledom International Limited is a company for IT-based solutions.

The customer would enjoy a conglomeration of services from site survey, installation, commissioning to back-up services as a matter of corporate commitment.



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