Security Network Operation Systems (SNOS)



SNOS real-time monitoring and surveillance, with SMS and e-mail alerts, of your treasures wherever they may be located from wherever you are in Nigeria and in the world, whenever you want you may need a second or third person or your security company or guard or the nearest Police post/station/patrol team or whoever you designate to also receive the alerts for rapid response intervention These designated persons must necessarily be physically close to your Location of Treasure (LoT) for the purpose of rapid response intervention.

Your LoT may be your home where you live or your country/village home where you visit infrequently or office or factory or bank or warehouse or event centre/place or project/construction site or plot of land or restaurant or shop. It can be your Church or Mosque compound. Your Object of Treasure (OoT) can be your car or truck or yacht or ship or aircraft. In your home or office building, your Point of Treasure (PoT) may be your cash/gold/diamond/certificates/landed property document vault or a particular room or garage or main gate or parking lot or  sitting room or kitchen or corridor or veranda or balcony or lobby or particular doors or windows or cupboards or lockers or drawers or  shelves or   any of the 4 segments of your home/ building perimeter fence, etc………You can designate wherever you want as your point of treasure!  
……”had I known” or “had we known” is always too late and it has cost implications: the cost may be financial or material or tragic loss of human life or lives if you think providing security is too expensive, please try insecurity.

What does SNOS Offer?

SNOS senses and monitors wherever and whatever you want. SNOS sends you, by SMS and e-mail, the security state of your Locations of Treasure, Objects of Treasure and Points of Treasure. You will receive text messages and e-mails or log on to your account in the SNOS web site to view your registered security states, as specified by you in your subscription form, on:

SNOS CPE Sensors and Transducer Packages

  • Intrusion…..a person or burglar, thief or armed robber or
    terrorist trying to have an unauthorized access to your Location of Treasure or  Point of Treasure or tamper with or break into your Object of Treasure
  • Someone attempting to jump over any part of your perimeter fence into your compound
  • Someone crossing your main gate
  • Someone entering your garage
  • Someone entering any room of interest
  • Someone opening your vault
  • Someone attempting to open  any door or window
  • Someone inside a space of restricted access
  • Gas leakage in your kitchen, warehouse or factory
  • Water leakage
  • Fire/flame
  • Smoke
  • Any increase/decrease in ambient temperature above/below a specified threshold
  • Any increase/decrease in ambient humidity above/below a specified threshold
  • Any increase/decrease in air/wind speed or rotation of a component of a machinery above/below a specified speed
  • State of indoor lighting at ON or OUT (OFF)
  • Power ON or OFF state of an electrical appliance/device/facility
  • Ability to remotely power ON or OFF an electrical appliance/device/facility from your phone handset or any Internet access device.

Security Network Operation System Customer Premises Equipment Module (SNOS CPE)
The SNOS CPE consists of a GSM/CDMA SIM card-enabled controller with primary sensor and transducer packages developed by Teledom. The sensors and transducer packages are listed in sec. 2.1. Appropriate SNOS CPEs are installed in the LoT, OoT and PoT as specified by the subscriber.


Security Network Operation Centre (SNOC)
The Security Network Operation Centre (SNOC) is the nerve centre of the network of transmitted outputs of  GSM and CDMA SIM card-enabled SNOS CPEs modules that are installed in subscriber premises (homes, offices, warehouses, banks, churches, mosques, factories, cars, trucks, schools, colleges, polytechnics, universities, etc, ).

The national seamless telecom network (GSM/CDMA/IP) provides transport between the SIM card-enabled SNOS CPEs and SNOC. A SNOC, equipped with comprehensive data centre facilities, broadband Internet connectivity and GSM interface links receives SNOS CPE outputs and translates same to the web space for automatic online updating of SNOS subscriber database and mail accounts.

Depending on subscribers or group of subscribers, SNOC comes in a hierarchy of Master SNOC, Mini SNOC and Micro SNOC. A Public Master SNOC is a national or global data centre for a large number of SNOS CPE outputs from individual subscribers. A Private Master SNOC on the other hand is National or global data centre of SNOS CPE outputs of big Corporate organizations having a large number and spread of branches with each branch having many SNOS CPEs. This is SNOC in the cloud.

A Public Mini SNOC is hub to the outputs of a reduced number and spread of SNOS CPEs of members of the public. A Private Mini SNOC manages a reduced number of SNOS CPE outputs for a corporate organization. A Public Micro SNOC and a Private Micro SNOC manage further reduced number and local area outputs of SNOS CPEs for the public and private organizations respectively. 


Acquiring SNOS
You may simply want to visit one of our offices or the office of any of our partners to state your security needs and look up to us to define and design your requirements. You may there and then acquire the relevant piece of SNOS CPE hardware, have it configured, tested in our office and then installed for you in your premises by a member of our technical team.

On installation you will for sure receive relevant ALERTS whenever your security thresholds are exceeded (breached) wherever you are in the country or outside the country, if you roamed with your phone.

  • How many extra persons will receive the same ALERT for rapid response intervention?
  • What if you did not roam with your phone?
  • Are you not then out of touch with and control of the security situation in your LoT, OoT and PoT?
  • What if you are where there is no GSM/CDMA service, but there is wireless Internet service?
  • Wouldn't you want to activate your Smart phone or I-Pad or laptop WiFi or enter the nearest cybercafé to check the security situation in your LoT or OoT or PoT?
  • With your Smart phone, wouldn't you want to receive both text message ALERTS and e-mail ALERTS?
  • Wouldn't you want other persons, related to you, or your security company or the nearest Police station or Police patrol team or Police check-point to your LoT or OoT or PoT to respond rapidly to the security threat?

If your answers to all these questions are YES, then you need to subscribe to SNOS service!


Subscribing to SNOS Service
This is a full fledged participation in security monitoring everywhere you go! It is straight forward and as simple as ABC! Here you go:

  1. Go to any of our offices or the office of any of our partners
  2. State your security monitoring needs; what and what do you want SNOS to monitor for you?
  3. Fill in the subscription form to give your basic data
  4. State the location of your premises.
  5. How many extra persons do you want to also receive the ALERTS?  Give their names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.
  6. Give the phone numbers of your security company and the Police contact phone numbers
  7. Get your SNOS ID (User name and Password) for your SNOS account to enable you monitor the security situation in your home or office online.
  8. You will be issued relevant SNOS CPEs to meet your needs.
  9. Have same configured, activated and tested in our premises by our technical team.
  10. Take possession of your SNOS CPE and return to install same in your place of interest, with the support of our technical team (depending on the type of sensor package).
  11. On installation, test the SNOS CPE package in situ and confirm receipt of text message ALERTS and e-mail ALERTS.
  12. Roam the country and the world while being in touch with   the security situation in your place of interest.



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