Do you know that 55% of effective communication is determined by nonverbal skills such as gestures, eye contact, posture, and even the tone of voice? Wow! Then consider how many of these non-verbal attributes and details get lost every day in e-mails, SMS or telephone calls.

The ability to understand and use non-verbal communication is a powerful tool, that will help you connect others, express what you really mean, navigate challenging situations, and build better relationships with partners and colleagues. It builds a higher level of trust among partners, reduces confusion and makes decision making faster and effective.

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, where communicating in person is not always and can’t even be thought to be possible, video conferencing is the best thing to have happened to business communications.

Our products and solutions in this area have been proven vital to many organizations across the world such as:

  1. Governments and Agencies
  2. Public Administrations
  3. Health Care Organizations
  4. Institutes and Research Centres
  5. Broadcast/Media Organizations
  6. Banks and Financial Institutions
  7. Industries/Manufacturing Establishments
  8. Internet Service Providers
  9. Military
  10. Universities and Polytechnics
  11. Religious Organisations
  12. Corporate Organizations
  13. High Net worth Individuals. E.t.c
Available Solutions:
  1. Collaboration Suite
  2. Room Conferencing Solution (point to point and multipoint conferencing)
  3. Desktop Solution
  4. Web conferencing
  1. Quality point to point and point to multipoint video calls across the globe.
  2. See and talk with everyone directly real time.
  3. Resource efficiency and affordable cost.
  4. Provides real-time communication with small or large groups of people worldwide.
  5. Enables remote meeting, conferences, workshops, training/and collaborations.
  6. Transfer of information, exchange of files, etc.
  1. Data sharing.
  2. Ad-Hoc video calls.
  3. Compatible with all H.323 standard equipment (works with other vendors).
  4. Scheduling.
  5. Multi party Conferencing.
  6. Streaming.
  7. Multimedia input
  8. Session recording, e.t.c.
  1. Eliminates travel expenses.
  2. Saves time and money.
  3. Increases productivity.
  4. Strengthens relationships with remote colleagues, partners and customers.
  5. Improves work-life balance for busy executives by eliminating the need to travel all the time.
  6. Lower cost of deployment.
  7. Lowers CO2 footprint thus saving the world’s environment.



Teledom international is using technology to bring back the lost glory caused by brain-drains and low teacher to student ratio. With our distance learning/training solution, universities, polytechnics and collages can regain lost academic manpower by having the best scholar deliver quality lectures to their students from anywhere in the world.

The room conferencing systems perfectly delivers crisp clear audio and full definition video to make the learning process a very exciting one. How much more can one ask for?

  1. "Highly Qualified Teachers" will be shared among schools.
  2. Need for them to be physically present in the Classrooms/Laboratories will be eliminated.
  3. Universities can connect with other schools across the country and the world for interactive classes and assess to knowledge and expertise
  4. Platform brings academic excellence to meet industrial experience. Academic is put at the disposal of the industry and vis versa without loss of time.
  5. Universities can connect with research/industry community , training institutes, top executives to share real life experiences on a subject matter
  6. Student can communicate with lecturers, resource persons if they have questions.
  7. Staff development – teachers rarely have to leave their schools.
  8. Training can be archived for "On Demand" review by students - archives can be used for additional training for new staff members.
  9. Digitally recorded and archived lectures.
  10. Classes can be transferred to CDs or DVDs for students to take home if needed.
  11. Classes can be monitored by the school administration.



A one-way non interactive, high quality video streaming to web, embedded media players, mobile handheld devices such as Smartphones, IPADs, tablets, Etc connected to the Internet brings your;

  1. Local TV & Radio stations
  2. Ceremonies.
  3. Seminars & Lectures.
  4. Political debates & Rallies
  5. Church & Religious Conferences.

To the “village square” thus opening you to the borderless world of uncountable audience and opportunities.



Teledom, riding on the platform of world's best Web conferencing solutions provides an Internet tool for communicating with global audiences. The presenter uses an easy-to-use screen sharing platform to set up the conference, invites the audience and communicates using a visual component, known as desktop sharing, which allows the presenter, apart from voice communication, to also show documents such as a slide presentation, a whiteboard that the presenter can write or draw on, and instant messaging with the audience all live over the Web.



Surveys all over the world have shown that collaborative medical consultation with expert across geographically distant locations have resulted in;

  1. Increased accuracy indiagnosis and prescription
  2. Facilitate equitable access to specialists for all patients regardless of their location
  3. Enhance family satisfaction by reducing the costs and time incurred traveling outside home country
  4. No loss of lives via long travel times of patients to experts.

Many people have been wrongly diagnosed of illness due to lack of experience or insufficient expertise on the part of the local medical personnel. Our Telemedicine solution truly gives the solution as it helps bring on the subject experts available to support the remote medical personnel to make the right decision - saving lives.

Our smart medical laboratory and radiography enable remote specimen observation/examination on the microscope and remote anolipis of radiographic scan outputs. You can say virtual assemblying of experts to give the right and accurate diagnosis and even prognosis.

Who we are

Teledom International Limited is a company for IT-based solutions.

The customer would enjoy a conglomeration of services from site survey, installation, commissioning to back-up services as a matter of corporate commitment.



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